diamond stud earrings

Choosing the Right Pair for You
What could be more stylish than the classic and alluring look of diamond stud earrings? With a brilliant sparkle and an elegant simplicity diamond stud earrings have no equal. An instant hit that will go with every outfit and any occasion, diamond stud earrings will never go out of style.

diamond stud earrings

No matter what your personal style there is a pair of diamond stud earrings out there for you. Large or small; gold or platinum; round or princess: the possibilities are endless for you to create a unique pair of diamond stud earrings that will perfectly suit you.

Choose the right diamond stud earrings for you:
The importance of choosing the right earrings to match your personal style cannot be emphasized enough. There are so many different styles and qualities of earrings out there that it’s easy to get lost. Of course the first rule in choosing the right earrings for you is to make sure they match your look.

If you have a broader face you will probably want to go with the princess cut diamond. If your face is thinner you’ll look best with round cut diamond studs. You will also want to make sure that the metal used in the setting matches your skin tone.

If you have a warm skin tone you’ll look best in yellow gold, but if your skin tone is cool then the best fits will be white gold or platinum. One of the most important things to look at when buying your diamond stud earrings is the setting. Even the most beautiful diamond stud will look terrible in a bad setting. The key to the perfect setting is balance.

In a poor setting, such as a crown style setting, the weight of the diamond stud is too far forward, making your diamond stud earrings droop, and creating an ugly effect. The best settings – the three-prong martini style or four-prong basket style – pull the center of gravity back, making the diamond stud fit snugly and beautifully against your ear.

Below are ten ways you can accessorize your look with this easy to wear jewelry item:

1. Appropriate for many different occasions, if you are heading to the opera or the mall, you can easily wear earrings. If you enjoy the simplicity of stud earrings, wear them to the office and then out for dinner after.

2. Due to the simple designs, they are incredibly durable. You can wear them when working out, running in the park or sitting down to read a book. You don’t have to worry about them dangling from the earlobe and getting caught on something.

3. They are a desirable jewelry item to own because they come in a variety of designs. There are classic styles (single diamond with a three or four prong setting) or designer styles (diamond clusters or flower shaped studs). Whether you like the look a traditional pair of round shaped studs or prefer a more modern style, they still will look great on the person wearing them.

4. They are an affordable jewelry item. Many times a pair of diamond stud earrings can be bought for just a few hundred dollars. If you spend time looking around, bargains can definitely be found.

5. These earrings transcend generations. They make wonderful accessories regardless of age and are worn regularly by both teenagers and adults.

6. You can have fun mixing your jewelry with casual outfits and dressier clothes.

7. Gift idea! If you are looking for a gift for someone special, a classy pair of earrings can be the best solution. Whether it is a holiday gift or birthday gift, the person who receives them will be surprised.

8. Maximize shine by trying a pair of stud earrings with different color clothing to see what looks best together. Depending on the metal type of your earrings, you can easily pair a wide variety of colors with your jewelry. For example, a beautiful black dress would be well accentuated with a pair of white gold diamond studs.

Or for a traditional look, you can take a great pair of 14k yellow gold earrings and wear it with a classic brown button down top and jeans.

9. Choose a pair of earrings that will coordinate nicely with your existing watch or bracelet. If you are used to wearing a silver watch every day, choose a pair of white gold or platinum stud earrings to go along with it.

10. Be creative! Mix and match your jewelry to create your own individualized look.

Where is the best place to purchase diamond stud earrings:
To get an idea of the different styles and prices that are available in diamond stud earrings it is more convenient to view them online before shopping around at local jewelry stores. Retail jewelers will carry a small to medium selection of diamond stud earrings, but you will find a greater selection online.

Just type “diamond stud earrings” into an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo and you will find several reliable websites that specialize in diamond stud earrings. The cost of diamond stud earrings is dependent upon many variables, such as size and quality of the diamond studs.

Diamond stud earrings with a total carat weight of .50ct should cost between $500 and $1000, depending on the quality. Diamond stud earrings with a total carat weight of 2.00ct should cost between $5000 and $15000, depending on the quality.

The beauty within:
Diamond stud earrings are special in a way that no other earring can be. The understated design and stunning brilliance recall the days of grand elegance and high fashion. Diamond stud earrings bring out the beauty that lies within us all.

With a pair of diamond stud earrings you will look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.