plus size womens clothing

One of the problems that large women have when they are buying clothes is that they tend to be limited in what they can wear. A lot of the top fashions are not allowed because they can’t get away with wearing the same kind of clothes as thinner women.

plus size womens clothing

That being said you can definitely have a plus size style that looks great on you. All you have to do is make sure that you pick clothes that work on your body type. One of the biggest mistakes that most plus size women make when buying clothes is to buy loosed fitted clothing.

This usually makes them look bigger than they are because the clothes just hang off of them. The best plus size style is actually to wear clothes that fit you fairly snugly. You actually do want to show off your figure so tight clothing is usually the way to go.

You will also want to wear a belt with your plus size clothing. This will give you a waist and make it look like you have curves. A lot of larger women don’t want to draw attention to their waste so they don’t wear a belt, this is a mistake.

One of the biggest considerations that you will have to make with your plus size style is the proper color. In general you are going to want to stick with darker colors. The problem with light colors is the shadows that they create. These shadows really don’t do you any favors when it comes to the way you look.

Dark colors won’t cast the same shadows so they tend to flatter the figure. Just because you need to stick to dark colors for your clothes doesn’t mean you can’t add some color. A bright scarf will draw eyes to your face making you look taller and thinner. As mentioned above a belt is a great option, a brightly colored one will really work great.

The pattern on your clothes is something that you are going to want to think about as well. Large images should be avoided since they will make you look heavier. You can get away with small images but in general solid colors are a better option. Vertical stripes will make you look thinner.

However for some reason there are very few plus size styles that actually have vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes need to be avoided at all costs. They will make you look both shorter and wider. Hardly a flattering look for a larger lady.

There are four basic plus-sized body shapes and each has a different objective. Let’s take a look at each:

1) The Plus Size Hourglass Body Shape
The plus sized hourglass boasts hips and shoulders roughly the same size, with an enviously defined waistline.

Hourglass Plus Size Style Objective
Maintain naturally balanced proportions, emphasize a small waistline, and avoid bulk everywhere.

Hourglass Plus Size Fashion Tips:
The best plus size styles:
Cinch at the waist
Maintain hip-to-shoulder proportions
Elongate and slim overall

2) The Plus Size Triangle Body Shape
Also known as the pear shape, the plus sized triangle is characterized by hips that are significantly wider than the shoulders or bust.

Triangle Plus Size Style Objective
To visually widen your shoulders, emphasize your already small waistline, and de-emphasize your hips.

Triangle Plus Size Fashion Tips
The best plus size styles:
Visually widen shoulders while minimizing hips
Emphasize a small waistline
Elongate and slim overall

3) The Plus Size Inverted Triangle Body Shape
Also known as the apple shape, the plus size inverted triangle is characterized by shoulders and bust significantly wider than hips and an undefined waistline.

Inverted Triangle Plus Size Style Objective
To visually widen hips to create balance with your shoulders while creating a defined waistline.

Inverted Triangle Plus Size Fashion Tips
The best plus size styles:
Create volume at the hips
Minimize shoulders
Create definition at the waistline

4) The Plus Size Rectangle Body Shape
The plus size rectangle, or straight, body shape features shoulders, bust, waist, and hips ALL roughly the same size.

Rectangle Plus Size Style Objective
To visually widen both hips and shoulders to create a proportionally smaller waistline.

Rectangle Plus Size Fashion Tips
The best plus size styles:
Simultaneously widen shoulders and hips, making your waist look smaller in comparison
Create the illusion of a defined waistline
Elongate and slim your look overall

Once you get your customized plus size fashion tips based on your body shape, achieving plus size style is a breeze. So embrace your shape by looking for high style plus size clothes that bring your body into visual balance. There are a lot of other things that you can do to make yourself look thinner.

It is all about taking advantage of the visual effect of your clothes. Different colors and patterns will draw the eye to different places. Using this to your advantage is the key to plus size style. For example a short skirt that shows off some leg will make them look longer. This makes you look taller and therefore thinner.