Extra Long Ties

Despite pictures in fashion magazines, not all men are six feel tall with a heavily muscled chest, which can make applying fashion rules a little more difficult. When it comes to fashion, the key is understanding what works for you, and what doesn’t, and picking the right clothing items for your body.

extra long ties

When it comes to ties, many men don’t realize that they are not a one-size-fits-all garment. There are ties made for shorter men as well as extra long ties that fit tall men and those with longer torsos. If you want to look great whenever you put on a shirt and tie, there are a few things you should know.

Extra long ties are extremely useful for the much taller than average men as a normal sized neck tie can appear too high and detract from the overall impression you’re trying to create. They are also useful as a replacement for normal length ties as they tend to be slightly wider giving a more substantial appearance.

For men who carry some extra weight, there are a few specific do’s and dont’s when it comes to choosing ties. First, remember that no mater what your size is, you can still add some fashion and fun to your look. When you are looking at ties, the first thing you will need to do is consider the size of the patterns on the tie.

Avoid ties that have very busy patterns or those with very small prints. In either case, you will draw attention to your size rather than the look you are going for. Instead, look for patterns such as broad stripes which reinforce your height, rather than your width.

You will also want to keep proportion in mind, so avoid purchasing “skinny” ties, and stick to regular or wide width neckties. You will also need to pay careful attention to the length of your tie. You will want to avoid any tie that falls short of your belt buckle, which emphasizes your girth.

If you are tall in addition to carrying some extra weight, you will want to look for extra long ties that are proportionate in length to your body. Another useful feature that extra long ties possess is that you can use them to tie more elaborate knots as the extra length is ideal when a normal sized shorter tie would fail.

Extra long neck ties are most useful for people who are over 6ft tall as finding a suitable neck tie of the right length can sometimes be problematic for people who are this tall. Most stores sell normal length ties and these can leave a larger gap when worn than is normally accepted.

The usual distance between the bottom of the tie and the waist is around one to two centimeters and the tip of the tie should ideally rest in line with the button at the top of your trousers. Another problem that taller men have is their necklines tend to be wider than smaller men.

This means that not only must they buy shirts with a larger neck measurement than other men they must also take into account the fact that their wider neck will use up more of the tie. Normal length regular ties tend to measure between 52 inches and 56 inches in length.

Longer ties and those made especially for taller men will tend to measure over 62 inches in length. If you’d like a longer than normal tie you may think your options are somewhat limited with most retailers stocking their majority of ties as regular length.

This is one example of where the internet can really help. There are a wide number of suppliers online who cater especially for taller men and extra long ties. You’ll also have the chance to see many alternative styles and patterns that would probably be unavailable in a regular shop on the high street or at the mall.

If you don’t like the idea of shopping for your ties on the internet then the best way to get the right length of tie for your height is to visit a tailor. Tailors can custom make a tie to your exact requirements and the prices they will charge should not be too extravagant.